Knowledge is power. Stay safe by staying ahead.

“The essence of investment management is the management of risks, not the management of returns.”

– Benjamin Graham

Protecting your investments to give you peace of mind

What matters to you, matters to us.

In all market conditions, HARBOUR strives to be your safe haven of investing. We use cutting-edge technology combined with personalised advice to understand your financial needs, build portfolios and asset allocation strategies suitable to your profile. We adhere to the highest ethical standards and disciplined decision-making, with a focus on repeatable strategies.

HARBOUR will be there to guide you in rising, falling and stable market conditions. Our capacity to re-assess ever-changing markets allows us to build stable and robust solutions for your investments.

Decide how you want to manage your investments

Global Custody

HARBOUR provides you with access to over 100 global exchanges through a single universal account in a low-tax offshore jurisdiction. The Dubai International Financial Centre offers a unique common law offshore booking center. With our global reach, account consolidation, and a tax-efficient regime, you will be able to achieve true global portfolio diversification at a reasonable cost.


We provide advisory services on products and portfolios to assist you in making informed investment decisions. We also advise on credit with other counterparties. We can provide guidance into your portfolio’s risk exposure and assess its component allocations. We can research a product of your choice and provide you with an independent and informed price and risk assessment.

Portfolio Construction

We can assist you in building a suitable portfolio aligned with your risk tolerance. This service is offered to our Advisory and Discretionary Portfolio clients. Using cutting-edge risk technology, we ensure that the portfolio is aligned with your investment goals and expectations. To do this, we must start the process by estimating your risk tolerance by conducting a Risk Assessment.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

With a Discretionary Mandate, you will benefit from HARBOURs day-to-day access to the risk systems used to monitor and control clients’ risk level exposures. Value at Risk (VaR) and stress testing models will be made available and can be shared with the clients. A portfolio’s target allocation must be in line with the targeted Risk Budget calculated earlier during the questionnaire process. In this way, we can ensure that investors do not make an emotional decision to liquidate, and allow them to let the markets do their job of taking the portfolios where they are expected to be.

Risk Assessment

HARBOUR can build a risk profile for each client by utilizing state-of-the-art quantitative psychometric analysis based on Prospect Theory. The application is based on decades of academic research, and it quantifies the semantics of subjective terms like “moderately conservative” and “moderately aggressive” with a Risk Budget. This risk profiling models an investor’s utility curve for each additional unit of wealth against the tolerance for additional risk.

Arranging & Advising on Credit

There are many cases in which it is more economical to arrange a Lombard loan to access liquidity than it is to liquidate a portion of the portfolio: tax efficiency, transaction costs, and opportunity costs. HARBOUR is licensed to advise you on credit transactions and arrange the borrowing with 3rd parties by pledging the financial assets held in custody with HARBOUR as collateral for the benefit of the 3rd party creditors.

Structured Products

Translate your investment strategies into a coherent and targeted structured product. We have partnered with several issuers to customise any structured product to match your investment needs and risk profile.


If you are more inclined to trade global markets using HARBOURs platform, we can set up an execution-only account with access to the same global network of traders with whom HARBOUR acts as introducing Broker.

What makes us different?

We serve our clients. In providing asset management and advisory solutions for your portfolio, we determine the ideal strategy and allocation of capital based on a detailed investment profile designed to serve your best interests.

We realize that mutual trust is key for having your goals achieved and we are keen on fostering such trust to the greatest extent, by building a long-term successful relationship.

Let’s Work Together

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